Meta of Meta

Discover the cluster of metaverses while gaining early access!

What is OASIS exactly?

Landscapes, planets, even galaxies and uncharted worlds… Countless numbers of adventures throughout thousand of dimensions. Explore them, or simply become the best of the best in a single one!

Bored with someone else’s world? You can create your own — there’re no limits in OASIS. The concept is simple: your world, your rules.

Oasis is bursting with secrets that will open only to the most worthy ones!

Regular dividends from the profit of Oasis Universe. You can become the investor of the future!
Access to the private alpha‑testing and new content in the forefront!
Priority in collection’s giveaways. That’s enough of standing in lines while pushing your luck.
Become the OASIS’s citizen

MetaPass is a collection of 5000 passports, any of which will provide infinite possibilities for its owners: starting with share of the Universe’s revenue and finishing with clearance to access the restricted areas!

Become a citizen
Launch of a marketplace based on Inanomo infrastructure
Blockchain launch with Web Assembly. Ecosystem transfer to own blockchain.
Launch of the OASIS beta and first season of the hunt for the untold riches of the universe.
Prototype of th OASIS capital. Closed alpha test for MetaPass owners.
Development of an ecosystem that allows third-party developers to embed their products in OASIS.
They tell about us
Be the first in OASIS!